Setting up your delivery

When your furniture is ready to be delivered, our scheduler will call you to arrange a day for your delivery. All of our trucks are equipped with cellular phones, so we’ll call you when we’re on our way, or if there’s an unexpected delay in our arrival time. If you need to cancel a scheduled delivery or pickup for any reason, please call us as soon as possible so that we can avoid excessive handling which could result in damage to your furniture or charges to your account. If you need to cancel or make changes in your delivery time, please contact the Scheduler no later than one business day prior to your delivery.

Preparing for your delivery

Please have the area cleared to receive your new furniture. Move all small items away from the moving path and room where your furniture will be placed. The delivery team will move one item for each item delivered to help clear the area for the new furniture. We will not take responsibility for damage in moving your existing furniture.

When we get to your home

Our RED CARPET delivery service means that our delivery team rolls out the red carpet. The team tours the pathway to the delivery destination, making sure all obstacles are out of the way. When the furniture is placed, they assemble, straighten, and level all pieces. They will dust, clean glass, and plug in any lights, as well as review the operation of your merchandise. Please Note: Our delivery team is not permitted to move or place electronic equipment. You will either need to be prepared to do this yourself or have qualified technicians available to do so.

Delivery Checklist

Upon completion of your delivery we will ask you to review the delivery checklist. We will also provide any applicable warranty paperwork. The delivery team is instructed to contact the store immediately with any questions pertaining to your delivery.

Receiving Your New Furniture

Once your furniture is ready for delivery, you may either utilize our Red Carpet Delivery Service or you may pick up your merchandise at our warehouse in Genoa, Ohio. Items that are small enough should be taken with you at the time or your purchase. When your merchandise is received in our warehouse and scheduled for delivery, it is carefully removed from the carton and proceeds through a thorough inspection process.

Our Red Carpet Delivery Service

Trust our professional team of moving specialists who will care for your new purchase as well as your home. We can make your delivery both effortless and enjoyable, and you won’t waste time waiting for your delivery to take place. We’ll place your furniture right where you want it, and then we’ll inspect, dust, level and review the operation with you, all for a nominal delivery fee. Please refer to this brochure listing all of the details of our Red Carpet Delivery Service.

Picking up your merchandise

If you would like to pick up your merchandise, you must contact the warehouse located at 22225 Woodville Rd., Genoa, Ohio by calling (419) 241-9322 at least one business day in advance. Our normal pickup hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday thru Saturday. Our warehouse is closed on Sundays. Please come to our customer service office with your copy of the sales agreement. All accounts will need to be settled or financing paperwork signed at this time.

Your merchandise will be wrapped with either plastic or styrofoam. However you should bring along extra blankets or tie down materials so that your merchandise can be well protected for the ride home. Furniture handlers are available to load your merchandise during normal pickup hours. If you made special arrangements for pickup outside normal hours, you will need to bring adequate assistance to load your purchase in your vehicle.

Other delivery notes

We have a standard delivery zone, which is 75 miles from our store. Delivery outside of this zone may be available at an additional charge.

If you need to cancel a scheduled delivery or pickup for any reason, please contact us as soon as possible to avoid excessive handling which could result in damage to your furniture or charges to your account. Our warehouse space is limited. Please be prepared to accept delivery of your merchandise within 30 days of purchase or after arrival at our warehouse. We will hold your merchandise for up to an additional 60 days, at no charge, but payment toward your account may be required at that time. Delivery of clearance merchandise must be arranged immediately. Storage charges may be incurred beginning 90 days after the purchase or receipt in our warehouse.

Will my furniture fit?
Before you make your final purchase decision, please measure your door openings and the area where your new furniture will be placed. Merchandise that needs to be returned because it did not fit may be subject to a cancellation fee.

Removing old furniture.
For every piece we deliver, we will pick up and haul away a similar piece of furniture at No Charge

Red Carpet Delivery Service Charge

  • A standard delivery charge will apply to each order, even if multiple deliveries are required to fill the order.
  • No additional delivery charges apply to add-on orders delivered with initial order.
  • Within standard delivery radius of 75 miles - Tues. thru Sat. 8 AM - 5 PM

Additional charges: (Ask salesperson for details)

  • Delivery outside 75 mile radius
  • Moving existing furniture to other rooms
  • Moving of excessive items to prepare room for delivery

Contacting Us

Store: (419) 855-8316
Customer Service: (419) 241-9272
Toll Free from Toledo